Wednesday 12 September 2007

Illustration Friday: Momentum

Quick doodle for this weeks IF topic 'Momentum'.

Wednesday 5 September 2007

Some Colour!

A bit of colour for a change! This is something I did Yeeeeeaaaaarrs Ago, I came across it while looking for something else and thought it was just too apt for this weeks IF topic to let it just sit there... I drew this in Flash 4! Now that's old!

Tuesday 4 September 2007

Alphabets, Captains and Visitors

So I've been on holidays and doing lots of silly season Augusty stuff and haven't posted in a while but I have been doing my homework... here are the last three Illustration Friday topics, Alphabets, Visitors and the way I highly recommend Dubrovnik in Croatia as a vacation to anybody who hasn't been. Absolutely beautiful Old City! I may even post a photo or two here so watch this space...