Monday 12 March 2007

Coffee and Doodling

Not a lot can beat relaxing with a good cup of coffee and a sketch pad, drawing and doodling whatever is in your head. A lot of the time you don't even know what's in your head until it starts taking shape on the paper in front of you.
This was
taken to a new level not too long ago, when I found myself on a three hour train journey with nothing to entertain me but a takeaway coffee and a ballpoint pen.
Being late for the train, I had a choice between queuing for a coffee or queuing for a newspaper, the coffee won. Anyways, having finished the coffee, I had a wakeful two and a half hour journey still ahead. I spent an enjoyable ten or twenty minutes surgically removing the printed outer layer from the cup and the rest of the journey sped by as I feverishly doodled my way around its freshly peeled surface. This, I discovered, is also a great method of ensuring that nobody in their right mind is going to sit next to you.
Pictured here is the final result, from a few different angles. I sold this piece on EBay shortly afterwards, so it now (hopefully) takes pride of place on a shelf or mantelpiece somewhere in the UK. I have since found a few local coffee shops that serve their takeout coffees in beautifully white non- branded paper cups, so expect more to be posted in the near future...time for a coffee.

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