Wednesday 4 April 2007

Doodling Accidents

This is a close up section of a larger piece I'm working on, (ballpoint pen on cardboard), I was looking at it one morning as I sipped my coffee, at that time of the morning my hand to mouth co-ordination isn't the best! However, the resulting splash marks have added a certain something to it...kind of a Jackson Pollock moment!


aarph! said...

Ahh, at last Eoin, another instalment of your fine work! Critters escaping through a tear in the java dimension. Have you ever considered submitting something to ?

Eoin said...

Hey Richard, I have checked out Illustration Friday - great site! I keep meaning to set a Friday aside to do something for it but the need to work for food always seems to win out! Thanks for the look in! Another installment is about to appear... it's a lot harder than I originally thought to post daily!