Monday 11 June 2007


Another of this weeks abstract ramblings.
Black pen on paper, 8.5 x 11 inches


esillustration said...

eyeball suit? sweet drawings you have here!


mrana said...

Wonderful drawings and weird characters Eoin! Great stuff. Still love those squashed can illustrations too!

Janice said...

laughing here... ... do you feel someone watching you ? This figure seems feminine... is it the wispy eyelashes?

Fossfor said...

nice work, i like all the weirdness on your blog!

Big A said...

I really enjoy your work. The line work is superb!

Matches for legs ... that's hot! Ba-dum-dum.

cata said...

I really enjoy your art!

richard said...

Hey Eoin,
I love it! Keep 'em coming.
There's burnt matches in this drawing!! Which means that you must be lighting something with them!? Hopefully you'll wrestle that monkey to the ground one day! :-)


ps. I finally took up your hint and did another can-art piece.